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We start by digging deep, like therapist deep, for us [and you] to truly understand your idea/product/service/offer. Then we choose the perfect funnel.

It's All About The Offer

The perfect funnel only gets sales if your offer is clear enough, and that is 90% of the battle. People buy from two places: necessity or emotion. Our job is to work with you to turn your funnel into a persuasive machine. We are not magicians, this will take work, time, and dedication. But we work on a DWY (done with you) basis and will provide you with all the guidance, methods, and tools necessary to succeed.

Perfect Funnels = Perfect Offers = More $$$

Your funnel will share exactly who you are, what you're about, and most importantly, what your offer is. We walk you through educating your target audience, proving your authority in your industry, showing the right people the right offer, at the right time, and persuading them to buy - all in one smooth sweep.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Have Us Do a No-Hassle Funnel Concept. We Come Up With Your Offer, Then, We Show You Which Funnel Is Best For You.

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    We're Here To Craft Funnels With You.

    Lead Magnets, Product Funnels, Ebooks, Webinars, Courses. Where do I start?

    To put it simply. All of the above are just tactics your business can use to get more traffic to your business. As business owners, you don’t need to change your core services or products. Instead, you need to craft offers that show that your business is the better option than the competition. Here are ways you can use our different funnel programs for your business.

    • Book Funnel:  Let’s say you are a SAAS business, a consultant (Big or small it doesn’t matter), you can use a published book to explain your authority in the space you work to handle the objections of potential clients by consistently referring back to your book. They don’t need to read it. You just need to consistently refer back to it
    • Private Label: Consider private labeling as an entrance point to a vast array of services and products you are looking to show audiences. Private labeling a product allows you to monetize your traffic. Whether it’s a supplement, baby toys, software, etc. Use private label product funnels to open the door to your audience. Selling a private label product under $100 is much easier to sell than praying and hoping to win a specific contract, you just need to craft the right messaging to tie a private label product to your business.
    • Drop Ship: Drop- Shipping can be scary for any business it requires putting trust in someone else to deliver. Now more than ever, with Amazon, Shopify, Etsy etc. makes it easier to streamline operations, create new revenue streams and serve your customers. Use a drop ship funnel to bring in new customers, then serve them well with the customer service. If you keep serving your customer will keep buying and typically you can increase the customer’s lifetime value (LTV) without waiting for them to accept your higher priced proposal for a service or product.
    • Webinars: Webinars are meant to educate, warm-up audiences, and work similar to book funnels, the biggest problem is will the potential customer show up? The key is to create exclusivity, webinars don’t need to be stuffy powerpoints, they can be live shows, cooking demonstrations, exercise training. The internet expects us to put this content out for free, lets get people to see something special together and leave the decision to them to purchase from you.

      A word of caution webinars should be tied in with multiple offers to work. We are here to craft the right sequence of offers to show your potential customers so they have the highest probability of working with you.

                                     Not Sure Which Funnel is For You? 

    Download our Onboarding Guide.

    It’s 40 pages of carefully crafted prompts that will kick your imagination (and ours) into high gear. We can then use this info to have a kick ass valuable discovery session.

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      All the Funnel-Building Resources You’ll Need At Your Fingertips

      Our sister company FunnelCooks is your one-stop-shop for funnel building. You will get the full range of our integrated marketing services to accelerate the growth of your business. 

      We offer a wide variety of à la carte service packages as well as a monthly retainer package. Learn more about how we can best serve your business through our Fractional CMO program today.

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      Businesses today need a creative, fresh, and content-heavy plan of action. For over a decade, FunnelMarketr has been committed to using the best-of-the-best digital strategies. And if the solution you’re looking for doesn’t exist, that’s where we thrive. 

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      Sell Online Courses with a Beautiful Thinkific Website

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