Project Brief:

Samad Saifudin and Funnel Marketr have been working with Aris Industrial from its conception. After developing a e-commerce store with over 10,000 SKUS with a ton of customization, Funnel Marketr developed a marketing program to search engine optimize each product and to develop a formula to scale Aris Industrial from  a couple sales to thousands of dollars of sales per month. 


Step 01

Establishing a Presence

Developed a e-commerce store that worked on behalf of Aris Industrial. After customizing the store to meet the needs of industrial B2C customers. Funnel Makretr began the long process of creating over 10,000 product listings.


Step 02

Developed a Monthly Budget For Paid Ads and SEO

Since there are over 10k products this process has taken over 6 months but the rewards are life long. Out of a series of 200 orders we evaluated a majority of those sales directly correlated from organic search with the products all ranking #1 on Google in a highly competitive space. 


Step 03

Getting Results

Now that we have truly seen the power of SEO. Funnel Marketr is developing a true sales funnel and paid ads to work in conjunction with doubling down on SEO. The goal is to increase sales through a mathematical formula, of Budget / Cost per Click X Conversion Rate = Average Order Value to scale monthly revenue. 

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