Project Brief:

Financial Planners need to be spending time managing clients money, so instead of chasing down new clients by attending networking events, and dinners, Funnel Marketr has developed lead generation campaigns that have proven results. 


Step 01

Gather All Information

Create content calendar, campaigns, and landing pages. and confirm compliance. Everything that we do is approved by the client and double checked for compliance. Financial advisors are in a heavy regulated industry and we understand the nuances that go in to making sure no post is salesy. Everything is about educating the market without giving any advice. 


Step 02


Testing Campaigns on Facebook and Google is necessary to get the results we are looking to accomplish. Typically we want to see leads at $40 and they have to be very well qualified. Once we have campaigns working we want to set up retargeting to lower the cost per lead and to ensure we are maximizing our ad spend, while putting new content out daily.


Step 03

Review and Adjust

Review leads, and marketing with client to confirm conversion of leads. Once we know our program is working we work with our clients through a very hand crafted method of producing podcasts that can be used in email marketing, blog posts, and social posts. We then work to establish the advisor as an authority figure in groups, and circles of influence so referrals can go up.

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