Project Brief:

The problem. VUIM had a marketing strategy that was not coherent and well documented.

Solution: After engaging Samad Saifudin and Funnel Marketr on a week long corporate training and due diligence session. We identified the pain points, and set up some simple checklists for work. 

To confirm VUIM accreditation a marketing plan was written, and a true marketing budget was developed for the next fiscal year. This included setting up a CRM, metrics and marketing to the personas of prospective students.


Step 01

Step 1: Collect Data and Due Diligence

Funnel Marketr spent a full week on site at VUIM to get a in depth look at all of the universities marketing efforts. During the week, we established checklists on how to do certain tasks related to marketing and created a highly engaging training video library for the staff to use.


Step 02

Set Up Trial Campaigns and Collect Data.

Once the due diligence period was complete. VUIM was able to discontinue  third party service and internalize digital ad campaigns. Funnel Marketr set up landing pages and campaigns, and showed how to optimize ads. We also set up the proper system to deliver content daily across multiple channels. 


Step 03

Create 2020 Budget/Marketing Plan and Set Up Systems

Funnel Marketr developed a comprehensive marketing plan, which included who to market,  where marketing should be and a full budget for the fiscal year. This developed into Funnel Marketr managing VUIM’s full marketing department for the new year where results will be easily managed in VUIM’s new CRM. 

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