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Digital Lead Generation Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

If your business isn’t using the latest and greatest digital strategies, consider this your wake up call.

2020 will be remembered as the year many small and medium-sized businesses were forced to wake up and start adapting to the increasingly digital world. 

Technology has accelerated the growth of businesses and transformed how they can reach and target prospects. Today, nearly every enterprise benefits immensely from a strong online presence and strategic technological integration. 

After navigating the digital marketing landscape for nearly a decade, I’m sharing 5 tried and true lead generation tactics my business uses today to actively thrive and scale. Without further ado, here are the tricks. 

1. No-Hassle Lead Magnet

Having an easily accessible free product is always a strong way to introduce prospects to your business and grow your email lists. The objective here is to provide content with real value. 

Digital content that draws in prospects will engage your consumers and help establish your business as a credible resource. This can be the start to a chain of micro-commitments. You don’t have to offer something as big as a free ebook – it could be a premium article, a whitepaper, a checklist, a template, a PDF guide, or a content video. 

If you plan to utilize an evergreen lead magnet, make sure you update it periodically so that the information remains relevant to your target audience. The world of digital marketing is always changing and your content should evolve with it.

2. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where 3rd party publishers work on commission to bring you leads and generate traffic to your business. In addition to performance-based lead generation and low investment costs, affiliate marketing improves your website’s SEO by creating numerous backlinks to your web pages. 

Affiliate marketing is really a no-brainer – using the right tools, so much of the process can be automated. So you can efficiently generate passive leads for your business while committing very little time and resources to the process. 

Plenty of programs allow you to manage, track, and scale your affiliate network with ease. Refersion will transform the way you grow your business – it’s a truly all-inclusive platform that uses the most cutting-edge tech to automate the entire affiliate marketing process.

3. Primarily Low-Touch or No-Touch Products

A low-touch sales model is a streamlined and highly automated sales model where customers require very little time from company staff. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit largely from low-touch sales models because they can maximize revenue with lower acquisition costs without sacrificing conversion rates. 

This typically works well for low and medium-ticket products and services, and requires API integration to ensure a quick and smooth sales process – which is something the average online consumer expects anyways. 

API integration allows you to connect two or more applications to perform collaborative functions together. Through it, you can automate various aspects of your website. For example, the FunnelMarketr website is a WordPress website, but through API integration we’re able to automate the booking and contact form processing into our website seamlessly. 

4. Integrated Brand Loyalty or Referral Program

A referral program, similar to affiliate marketing, can help keep acquisition costs low. By incentivizing your most loyal customers to take action and refer like-minded people to your business, you can quickly grow your brand and network with warm, qualified leads. 

You could use a points rewards system, or offer a gift or discount for each claimed referral. And best of all, once you set up and automate the process, it requires very little cost and resources to maintain. 

Here at FunnelMarketr, we’re big fans of how the platform can power your business. There’s a reason why over 25,000 small businesses choose Smile – the intuitive user interface allows you to manage and track your referral or rewards program with ease. 

5. Disrupt the Digital Industry by Thinking Outside the Box

We’re seeing more and more creative solutions arise from small and medium-sized businesses that were unable to solve a certain problem – so they made the solution themselves. 

The digital marketing landscape is limitless. If you have the thought leaders and development team, you can create and innovate to make anything a reality. The key is realizing both what people need, and people want. 

Take a look at Vendasta. They started as a local digital marketing firm in Saskatoon, Canada, and evolved into a global force in the commerce industry – the hero for small businesses everywhere. 

Through careful analysis and diligent execution, the Vendasta team created and innovated time and time again to provide digital products that small and medium-sized businesses needed. They offer a vast marketplace along with every tool a local business needs to succeed – website building, reputation management, digital advertising, and much more. 

Today, they have served over 3.5 Million local businesses through their end-to-end commerce platform. 

This is what we strive for here at FunnelMarketr – to make a difference through creative innovation. And that’s what your team should strive for too.