Looking for a Non-Google Way to Get Your Ads Noticed?

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Looking for a Non-Google Way to Get Your Ads Noticed?

Online marketing is often criticized because it is dominated by a few major players. Google Ads and Facebook Ads typically own a lot of the ad space, and they try to box out competitors.

For those companies looking for a new option with the same ease of access and effectiveness, Taboola is your best option.

Taboola uses metrics from a massive audience and an advertising Network beyond Google’s ad space to drive efficient and quality traffic to your site.

Users can then learn more about your brand, and you can convert those clicks into purchases, phone calls, and emails. Let’s dive in.

What Is Taboola?

Taboola is an all-in-one solution for online marketing that allows you to create advertisements in multiple ad formats quickly and then budget and enable your campaign instantly. You can go from creating your campaign to running it in a matter of 15 minutes.

Format Variability

Ad format variability from earned media to interactive content (quizzes and calculators),  articles, photo galleries, and video campaigns have the flexibility to do what you want to attract those clicks.

Instead of a simple text ad or a banner ad that doesn’t explain your company, you can show off who you are using rich multimedia content and the copy that works for your brand.

Every Device

Your campaigns are created instantly on desktop, mobile, and tablet. You add the media and copy, and Taboola does the rest. A simple and true-to-product preview is always displayed, so you know what you’re creating.

A Trusted Context

Taboola uses partnerships with editorial sites instead of social media and random ad placements across partner networks. According to Nielsen, users don’t trust Internet advertising, but when consuming content on editorial sites, they trust those sites three times more than social media.

As a result, they’re more likely to click on those ads because they trust that the source of those ads is both reputable and a quality company.

High Volume, High Quality

One of the biggest problems with running a campaign on a platform like Google Ads or Facebook Ads is that the ads may target people way outside of your demographic or target audience.

As a result, you get a lot of clicks that do not amount to conversions because the traffic is low quality. Taboola reaches people as they’re considering your product using retargeting, contextual targeting, audience targeting, and more.

High-Quality Targeting For Every Touchpoint

Multiple touchpoints, including desktop, mobile, and tablet mean that you can put together a campaign that reaches people no matter where they’re viewing the content on those editorial sites.

Once they’re on your website, they’re more likely to click and follow through with the call to action that you want, converting your quality traffic into contact points for email or phone calls, consultations, or direct purchases from your online store.

Cost Efficiency

Not only is the cost per click lower on Taboola, but those clicks are of a higher quality. You’re maximizing your budget using two separate vectors that have an order of magnitude of improvement for your campaigns.

Simple Budgeting

When signing up and creating your campaign, the budget is clearly laid out with your average cost per click and the amount you want to spend per day. The minimum daily amount is determined by the cost per click, so you’ll need to spend more or less depending on your campaign product and the competition in the space.

Overall, it will always be cheaper than the competitors.

Rich Advertising

Internet ads are annoying, but people are more likely to click on them when they are media-rich and of high-quality design. This is because higher-quality ads feel less spammy and garner trust more easily. Your campaign design on Taboola is based on multimedia like photos as well as specific ad copy that highlights the best features of your product or brand, resulting in ads that will create positive impressions.

Editorial Sites

Hosting the content that is relevant to your marketing campaign on an editorial site means you get to meet people when they’re ready to take action. You can target them using a readership data set that is more specific and relevant, and you can get in with a 1.5 billion-person audience.

Action Time

After reading a long, detailed editorial piece about a relevant topic, audiences are in their moment of next. They’re primed to convert and will be open to whatever action you would like them to take once they reach your website.

Retargeting, suppressing, and creating lookalike audiences using first and third-party data is how Taboola achieves your conversion goals. Instead of a broad audience that’s only searching for keywords based on incorrect or outdated data from a social media site, Taboola uses the editorial content on users’ genuine interests to target users more precisely and more accurately.

Massive Volume

Your ad placements on premium editorial sites across the web are getting in front of 1.4 billion people when using Taboola. That kind of scale is bound to bring you solid conversions from quality web traffic.


That volume of customers builds brand awareness whether they click or not. The goal is always to get them to click, but just having your brand in front of over a billion people alone can build brand awareness as well as a recurring customer base down the road. Your business development is now on autopilot.

Fun Facts

Taboola has 1.4 billion unique users per month. Harnessing that volume means a wide global reach across quality editorial content.

With over 10,000 premium Publishers and Brands, we are a trusted point of contact for reputable and major companies including USA Today, The Weather Channel, NBC, MSN, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CBS News, Fox, and USA Today, and more.

Your brand is going to be in great company if you choose to work with us.

You’re the Best, and You Need the Best

Imagine if you could reach 44.5% of the world’s internet population. Using Taboola means you have access to that internet population right at your fingertips. We give you the ability to create a campaign in less time than it takes to finish a chicken salad wrap.

The Best Database

Taboola includes a database of more than 50 times all the books in the New York Public Library, meaning we have the data sets for your audiences and the relevant experience to put together the right targeting and the right campaign strategies for any kind of brand.

The Best Traffic

Whether you’re a new brand starting out with a new campaign, or a marketer looking to boost your clients’ visibility, Taboola is a massive advantage and a powerful weapon in the marketing war.

Getting your brand in front of the right visitors and driving quality traffic to your website means more quality clicks, conversions, and user interactions.

The Best Brand Loyalty

The trust that Taboola builds by having a high-quality advertising network on editorial content means your customers are more likely to build brand loyalty over the long term. Head over now and find out how we can give you the power of the largest discovery platform.

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