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On Communicating Outside the Box for Your Brand

The market is saturated with businesses that offer the same services that you do. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

A common concern I hear from clients across industries is that they don’t know how to separate their brand from the pack, and make sure their voice is one worth listening to. 

What I’ve learned from working in digital marketing over the last decade is that people do not want to be sold to, or seen as dollar signs. People want to feel like they make their own decisions to purchase – so it’s always best to show, not tell. 

Valuable, actionable content matters. 

How you say things matters. 

You are constantly crafting your voice. Each post, graphic, video and response online establishes your business as an authority in your field and builds credibility for your brand.

But the big question remains: how do you get consumers to choose you over the hundreds of brands that are thrusting similar products and services in their faces? 

This is why businesses often find success by thinking and communicating outside the box to build strong connections. 

Good marketing shouldn’t be boring. Your voice should be bold. 

  1. You need to have a deep understanding of your target audience
  2. Share insightful, valuable content that engages your prospects…
  3. And maintain an authentic personal voice in every interaction. 

All of this is crucial to curating great creative content that captivates your consumers. This is how you leave your mark, and make your words stick.

People want to feel wowed by innovative thought leadership. They want to respect your brand and like its image before they make their choice. 

All of your marketing decisions, whether it’s private like your connection message on LinkedIn or public like the way you phrase posts on Instagram and Facebook, share your voice. So everything you say should unite around your core values and be driven by a purpose (and sometimes by instinct). 

Here are a couple case studies that I love because these people ventured outside the lines to find their own voices and capture their audiences. 

Robinhood – Snacks 

Robinhood has been the shiny, hip fintech company since its inception in 2013. With a streamlined digital-first and zero-commission stock trading platform, it immediately appealed to young people who wanted to start investing. What I love is that the company set its eyes on a widely untapped market and created a new product specifically to serve them. 

What kind of business email newsletters are you used to seeing? It’s mostly just blocks of text written and designed like bland newspaper blurbs, or snippets that force you to click the link to get the whole story. 

Robinhood decided to go bold with its email messaging. In early 2019, they acquired MarketSnacks – a company that specializes in crafting digestible daily financial newsletters.

I applaud how good of a choice Robinhood made here. They simply picked the right voice to suit their target audience.

The style of writing in the Snacks newsletters is fresh, engaging, and conversational – as if you were chatting with a friend about the latest marketing news in the break room. The bite-sized news items are universally easy to understand, with no shortage of casual humor and pop culture references to keep you entertained. It’s a great example of how having a unique voice and approach that appeals to your target consumers sets you apart.  

But most importantly, the information shared in these daily newsletters has real value. 

It’s not just a regurgitated roundup of headlines, there’s context and insights attached to every topic. 

Robinhood did it all the right way – they grasped their audience, shared valuable content, and ran with a voice that resonates. It all adds up to building a bulletproof brand. That’s how they became a pioneer of innovation in their field, and why they will continue to maintain relevance for many years to come. 

If you enjoy great daily business news in your inbox, I also highly recommend the Raisin Bread newsletter by MarketerHire. Similarly, they made business news more accessible with their own refreshingly modern style of writing – and it’s so well-curated on a daily basis that it’s very worth subscribing to. 

Gary Vaynerchuk – GaryVee

I’ve always observed what Gary does closely. What I enjoy most about his work aside from his expertise and insight is that he’s as original as they come. He’s never afraid to tell it how it is, have a good time doing it, and even curse up a storm to drive his point home. 

There’s a reason why he’s a 5x bestselling New York Times author and the CEO of one of the most successful advertising agencies in the world. He’s the real deal. 

I’ve learned a lot from consuming his variety of content and absorbing how bold and confident his presence is. He’s a masterful communicator who draws people in by being a serial thought leader in the marketing world. The hooks and titles he uses may be clickbaity, but the value he provides to his audience is unmistakable. 

I’m aware that Gary has a galactic level of production that’s not easily imitable – it never stops. It’s a bottomless stream of content across every key social platform. 

Whether it’s his Facebook graphics, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, or anything else, he always combines the motivational touch of a world-class speaker with informational content that gets his audience to click, like, and engage. 

But you don’t have to run a 24/7 content engine to learn from someone’s style, take the right pieces, and make it your own. 

A question you should often ask yourself is, “What inspires me?”

I highly recommend that you keep a close eye on the digital presence of people who captivate you – even those outside of your field. Bookmark their pages or turn on notifications for their posts. Make it a part of your daily routine to absorb messages that stick with you.

In the ever-shifting and evolving marketing landscape, maintaining an authentic voice that resonates with your target audience will work wonders for your brand and business.