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The Top 3 Tech Tools to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

It’s clear why we use so many different tech tools for our businesses:

  • To organize and streamline our workflows…
  • To improve team collaboration and communication…
  • To create a better experience for consumers…
  • To save time and boost productivity…

The common ground in all of these reasons is convenience. It’s both what we want to have and what we strive to provide to our consumers. 

Nowadays there‘s a product or service to automate nearly every aspect of an online business. From internal tech like streamlined task management and group communication to external tech like chatbot customer support and a seamless sales process, there are tools available for just about everything. 

Today, we’re focusing on convenient tech that has a measurable impact on productivity. And we’re not talking about the more common platforms you might already be using, like Slack and Monday. 

We all want to work faster and work smarter – so what are the top tech tools you can use to make a real difference in your day-to-day work? 

There’s a wide variety of programs that help you save time on the little things. But you also want to choose tech tools that are innovative and universally intuitive. Here are 3 of the best tech platforms we recommend to help any business stay organized and efficient. 

Loom express yourself better via video.

Communication platforms like Slack can just about do it all – but sometimes text messaging just can’t convey the proper details or directions needed. Sometimes you just need to say something, or show something. 

There’s a perfect solution that leads to perfect communication – Loom can have a transformative impact on your business. 

Loom is a free video messaging platform that allows you to easily record screen-share videos with audio commentary, along with optional front-facing camera footage. It’s perhaps the greatest tech tool available to help businesses wield the expressiveness of video to communicate more quickly and effectively. 

The convenience of being able to film a screen-share video anytime at the click of a button is second to none. In addition to being a web browser plugin that’s integratable with various platforms, each Loom video can be accessed with a unique URL shared by the creator.

Productive communication has never been easier. Videos can even be sped up incrementally to 2x speed – don’t underestimate how awesome that can be.

Sunsama – prioritize personal tasks and to-do’s.

Project task management programs like Asana, Trello, and Jira are great for managing complex workflows and big picture roadmaps. They’re great for helping teams stay organized – but not necessarily individuals. 

These programs aren’t optimal for helping your team members manage the bite-sized tasks that make up larger projects. That’s where Sunsama can be a game changer for personal day-to-day execution. The crisp user interface is like sticky notes on a virtual calendar. 

Sunsama helps you prioritize to-do tasks and easily keep track of both individual and team progress. It promotes success by keeping people focused and organized. This wonderful calendar and daily task manager can benefit anyone on your team – the creatives, engineers, and executives.

Your team may already be using a different task management program. While utilizing more than one can be counterproductive, you will likely find Sunsama so pleasantly intuitive that it becomes a staple of your process. And of course, it syncs with your Google Calendar as well.

Shift – one beautiful workspace for everything.

Shift is a one-of-a-kind tool: it’s a platform… For your platforms. 

In short, it’s a workstation that combines all of your accounts, applications, and extensions in one place. If each app is a tool, then Shift is the toolbox. 

Obviously it’s fully integrated with everything you might use (since that’s the point): Google, Microsoft, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Asana, Zoom, Spotify, Dropbox, and so much more are all accessible. By having each of your accounts and programs connected to the same space along with a universal search function, you can say goodbye to constantly logging on and off of various platforms. 

Shift is the future for anyone who does their work on a computer. It’s secure and as simple as an all-in-one solution can be. They also have their own built-in, productivity-focused work browser.

One more you might love – The BestSelf Journal.

For those of you who prefer a more old-fashioned approach to organization and task management in this increasingly digital world, we think you’ll be very satisfied with the inspirational BestSelf Journal. 

These 13-week goal-oriented planners guide you toward daily success and achieving your greatest goals. Backed by science and success psychology, this motivational journal will keep you focused on your priorities and productive on a daily basis. 

Increasing your mindfulness and self-awareness takes some practice and consistency, but it’s extremely rewarding when you make it a part of your daily routine. This planner will help you track your progress every step of the way. 

Being productive is a part of being your best self. Here’s to exuding that energy in your life, and bringing it with you everyday to work.