US-Based Dropshippers and Everything You Need to Know About Them

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US-Based Dropshippers and Everything You Need to Know About Them

Despite the fact that the Covid-19 vaccine is now being rolled out all across the country, it cannot be denied that the risks posed by the virus are still there. This is why, for the most part, society has all but migrated into the digital world as the new way of life. So, arguably, if there is one thing positive that the pandemic has given us, it is that it has forced everyone to digitally transform.

This is not discounting the fact that digital transformation had always been the goal, however. The pandemic has not only made everyone come to terms with that goal sooner, but it has also made society accept the fact that business can indeed be done in the digital world.

And one of the ways the world has done so is by engaging in dropshipping, a line of business that, because of the pandemic, is now expected to grow by at least 90% over the next five years.

Dropshipping is the process of selling products without owning stocks or keeping inventory. This is done so by engaging with a third party business that actually keeps the stocks or inventory. When a seller closes a transaction, the order is then transferred to the third party who then fulfills the same by having the item transacted delivered to the buyer location.

At its core, dropshipping is simply a way of streamlining the supply chain management process. But this process is not without challenges. One of the most common dropshipping challenges is the lack of control by the seller over the quality of the product itself, which is the responsibility of the third party.

Therefore, it goes without saying that trust is an essential quality in the dropshipping business. The trick, however, is knowing which dropshipper to trust. In this line of business, a seller, more often than not, will only have one chance to make an impression on a customer. Thus, choosing the wrong dropshipper can make a big difference in your business’s survivability.

Thankfully, you do not have to go about choosing your business partner blindly. Below is a list of commendable and trustworthy dropshipping companies that you can read about and consider partnering with for your business. (Also there is an association that certifies drop shippers. You can sign up for the directory here)

US Based Drop Shippers:


Best private label drop shipping supplier for US, UK, and European markets

SupplyMeDirect is a wholesale supplier that helps your dropshipping business scale. The app offers private labeling and reliable sourcing to sell branded products and increase profits. It’s a free Shopify app backed by a dedicated support team you can contact 24/7.

Location and shipping options: SupplyMeDirect is unique because nearly 60% of its stock resides in warehouses based in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Europe. This makes shipping fast and reliable, with an average delivery time of four to seven days. 

Product types: Anything from apparel to kitchenware, toys to accessories, and more.

Recommended for: Dropshippers who plan to sell internationally and want quick shipping.


The largest B2B online marketplace for branded clothes. This US clothing dropshipping supplier has thousands of products available for sale, from many famous brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Galliano, Versace, Cavalli, Armani, Michael Kors, and many others.


Focused on sportswear and outerwear for women (and men), this US wholesale supplier provides dropshippers with customized clothing including hoodies, t-shirts, workwear, promo, and corporate clothing. 


Based out of California, this company dropships wholesale furniture – beds, sofas, office furniture, rugs, lighting, towels, bedding, patio furniture, gardening products, bookcases, and more. Furniture delivered direct to your customer’s door, with no minimum order requirements.

Danforth Pewter

This dropshipping supplier, headquartered in the US, is known for working metal by hand. It supplies earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, keyrings, and more.

Green Dropship

We carry over 20,000 brand name products made in the USA in a variety of niches – including organic grocery items, vitamins, supplements, natural health, beauty, baby, pet, and cleaning products. 


This US-based dropshipper offers 45 different fitness brands to choose from. You can select from an assortment of cardio equipment, benches, weights, fitness accessories, and more. 


Best dropshipping supplier with fast shipping

CJDropshipping is a marketplace that enables retailers to scale their dropshipping business in an affordable way. You can easily import products into your Shopify store, normally at a price lower than on AliExpress, sourced directly from 1688 and Taobao marketplaces. It’s also a free Shopify app you can add to your store alongside other dropshipping apps like Oberlo. 

Location and shipping options: CJDropshipping uses US-based warehouses to execute same-day processing for your store. It works with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. If you are shipping from China, it has its own shipping line called CJPacket, which can deliver products to the US in seven to 12 days. 

Product types: The 1668 and Taobao marketplaces are home to independent designers and small-business owners in China. There are hundreds of millions of listings you can access through CJDropshipping, and products range from mainstream items to hard-to-find items and even virtual products.

If a product doesn’t exist in the CJDropshipping app, you can put in a request and CJDropshipping will list it once it finds the best source. 

Recommended for: Retailers who want a one-stop place for all things dropshipping, including product sourcing, order processing, fulfillment, and quick shipping to the United States. 


Best dropshipping suppliers for multi-channel sellers

CROV connects retailers to a wide range of products from a vetted list of US suppliers. This is another free Shopify app for populating your store with items and automating orders. 

Location and shipping options: Shipping is available in 42 countries. Costs depend on suppliers and their shipping methods, which you can find on each product-details page in the directory. CROV has a US warehouse to ship domestic orders faster. 

Product types: CROV offers more than 35,000 products in over 20 different trending categories from select suppliers. 

Recommended for: e-commerce sellers who want to sell unique products on Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. 


Modalyst is an automated drop shipping app for online stores. It’s known for offering products from brand names like Calvin Klein, DSquare, Dolce & Gabbana, and more well-known brands that shoppers will love. Modalyst also offers a curated list of independent and trendy brands for every target audience. 

The platform has an official API partnership with AliExpress Dropshipping, giving you access to millions of products you can add to your store with one click through a Google Chrome extension.

Location and shipping options: Modalyst has its own marketplace of US suppliers and brands that can ship domestic orders between six and eight days, for free. UK dropshipping suppliers and Australian dropshippers are also available. Businesses can ship to over 80 countries worldwide, excluding countries in South American and Africa. 

Product types: General, with a focus on luxury and trendy brands. Modalyst is also a part of the AliExpress Booster Program, which gives dropshippers access to an endless catalog of products. 

Recommended for: Shopify users who want to add unique products to their stores. You can also sell products with your own branding using the Modalyst Private Label Program. If you choose the Pro plan, you can take advantage of all the premium brands and suppliers Modalyst has to offer.

New and Notable:


Local Unique Wholesale

For retailers shopping for wholesale products, we’ve got straight-forward financial terms and logistics, like free returns and net 60 terms, that were previously only available to large retail chains. For our brands, our platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analytics tools, so sellers can simplify their wholesale business and focus on what they love: making great products.

We’ve already connected more than 150,000 local retailers with thousands of emerging and established brands, and are inspired every day by the creativity, resilience, and spirit of those fueling the Shop Local movement.

China-Based Drop Shippers:


Oberlo is a dropshipping platform that makes it easy to find products on AliExpress to sell in your Shopify store. The site offers over 30,000 of the best dropshipping products in 60+ niche categories from suppliers around the world. Oberlo offers free sign-up, with paid plans starting at $29.99/month.

Location and shipping options: Oberlo connects you with suppliers in various locations around the world. Each typically offers several shipping options for sending products to your customers. You can find what shipping methods a supplier uses on each product page in the Oberlo app. 

Popular shipping methods include:

  • China Post. Free/affordable shipping costs. Delivery can take 20–50 days.
  • ePacket. Free/affordable shipping costs. Delivery can take 15–30 days.
  • UPS/DHL/FedEx. Express shipping costs. Delivery can take between 5–15 days.
  • AliExpress Shipping. Affordable shipping costs. Delivery can take up to 15 days. 

Suppliers can have warehouses in various locations, so shipping times and costs can vary depending on the countries you want to target. 

Product types: You can find anything, including antiques, bracelets, car parts, sunglasses, wedding supplies, furniture, and more.

Recommended for: Both beginner and veteran drop shippers.

Dropshipping is, without question, a business model that will only get better as the years go by. With the latest advancements in technology, we will likely see faster and more transparent dropshipping deliveries in the near future. Truly, the possibilities for this industry are limitless.

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