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Webinar Wars: What Software Should You Use For Your Next Webinar?

When it comes to developing a webinar, there are various types of software that you can use. The first thing you need to determine, however, is the type of webinar you’ll be creating. You can choose to opt for a live webinar or a pre-recorded one, otherwise known as an Evergreen.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the software that we love to use and the procurement process.

Webinar Set up

Match the Software To Your Goal

Each and every software we’ll discuss here is very different from the other. These are:

  • GoToWebinar
  • Webinarjam
  • Everwebinar
  • Zoom Webinar


If there’s one webinar software we’d recommend to everyone, it would be GoToWebinar. It’s the cream of the crop of all webinar software. It allows you to handle both live and pre-recorded webinars all under one roof. You can also schedule webinars for consistency or even automate the process. The software can also accommodate thousands of people if you’re a larger organization.

When it comes to price, you’re looking at paying $49 to $399 annually, or $59 to $499 monthly, depending on the capacity you want to have. There’s a lot of functionality with GoToWebinar, making it a solid setup. It’s definitely the way to go (no pun intended).

Of course, we all know that good webinars are more about the content than the software. The discussion and the goal are very important, and those who say otherwise aren’t telling the truth. Either way, there are so many positives about GoToWebinar that we constantly find ourselves recommending the software. It’s something that larger organizations will especially benefit from.

Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar would be the closest competitor to GoToWebinar, and it’s also one of the most popular apps today. People often use Zoom for webinars, live events, and on-demand virtual meetings.

There are, unfortunately, a few features that it lacks compared to GoToWebinar. Some of these features include:

  • No tracking or ads to get people to fill webinar seats
  • No Facebook Pixels compatibility
  • No automation

Despite this, Zoom still has many solid features and is popular for a reason. For many, Zoom is the go-to software because of its convenience. With enough time and effort, you can use Zoom as a bolt-on element to your subscription. There isn’t a lot of work involved when handling meetings, making it a very functional software.

Zoom has all the recording and meeting software you need. The only thing it lacks is the ability to implement marketing elements.

Webinarjam and Everwebinar

These two software were created by the same company. We consider them as the ClickFunnels/Russell Brunson solution to webinars. It means that they’re very cost-effective products. Everwebinar is for your pre-recorded setups, while Webinarjam is a direct competitor to Zoom and GoTo.

The Webinar Hack

When we’re doing a live webinar, Zoom and GoTo are the best options available. We don’t often recommend WebinarJam as it lacks the feel and branding of the other two.

When you’re doing a pre-recorded webinar, you can instead use EverWebinar as it’s more cost-efficient. You can first record your live one, put it on EverWebinar, and pixel it so that it lives on your page.

This allows you to capture leads at a lower price. Remember, webinars are not just about informing people. We want high attendance rates, but there must be some sort of hook or angle by the time you’re done. Otherwise, it will be more like a training webinar. A call to action is something that every webinar should have.

Using EverWebinar on top of your other solutions allows you to capture data. Data is vital, no matter the channel you’re using. The following popular websites can integrate with this:

We all know that data is very important when it comes to making a decision. You can use the pre-recorded webinar and install a chat feature, or you can re-utilize information available on your other channels. This allows you to retarget people, gathering a new audience at the same time.

Putting Everything Together

Using Zoom and GoTo will help elevate your brand and make the best live webinars. Using Everwebinar in conjunction will allow you to use pre-recorded webinars and apply them to your various platforms. It also provides the benefit of ads and marketing at a much lower cost.

Whether you’re an individual or business wanting to take full advantage of Everwebinar, we’re open to students right now. We’ll go into detail about each webinar solution and how you can use them for lead generation. Get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to help you out. Talk to you soon!

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