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Why Certain Products Don’t Sell Well on Amazon

Did you know that Amazon can damage your overall visibility with one product that does not sell on the platform? We understand the challenges new vendors face, such as using advertising campaigns, keywords, and reviews to make it to the first page. But bombarding the platform with products that might or might not sell is not the answer.

We highly recommend uploading products that the target market will buy. Amazon uses conversion rates and sales data to determine the success of a product. It will drop a company’s visibility for selling slow-moving items.

Read on to learn the reasons why some products do not sell well on Amazon and what to do to improve sales and visibility.

1.  Lack of Product Research

One of the most challenging aspects of being an online seller is finding profitable products. Selling products you think will bode well with your target market is different from providing them with items they need. You should always do your research before uploading slow-moving products that might hurt our visibility.

Study Other Amazon Sellers

There are millions of products on Amazon; you can learn a lot about the platform by studying other sellers. First, you have to determine a profitable product to sell. Afterward, you should check the bestsellers on different categories and subcategories. This step can help you decide which products your potential customers will purchase.

Identify Products That Address Customer Pain Points

Your customers typically face productivity and financial pain points. Before selling an item, you should check if it reduces redundancy and allows clients to use their time better. Make sure to eliminate the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

For example, Amazon sellers offering purses have to create unique selling propositions (USPs) to differentiate themselves from top brands. However, they can sell bags with mini pockets for better organization or durable vegan leather ones that last for years.

Conduct a Survey

Surveys are cost-effective ways to gather quantifiable data on client preferences, market trends, and competitors. To run a successful survey, you can choose a representative of your target market and conduct one online. 

2.  Incorrect Pricing

Your pricing methods—along with a wide variety of other factors—play a crucial role in becoming a featured seller on Amazon. Overpricing your products can block your product listings, and underpricing can give off a cheap reputation.

You cannot overprice your products, because competitors like AmazonBasics usually undercut items. AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label brand and has over 5,000 published products from home basics to the latest tech products and everything in between. If you offer the same items for much higher prices than AmazonBasics, chances are you will not sell a lot of them.

Underpricing is also not good for business. You can run marketing campaigns and give freebies once in a while, but you should not constantly sell your products at a discount. Additionally, large companies can drop their prices to meet yours, sustain short-term losses, and run you out of business. Keep in mind that running an Amazon store has many costs, including customer service, storage, marketing, etc. Underpricing will hurt your business in the long run.

3.  Using the Wrong Titles, Images, and Keywords

Apart from creating catchy titles, images, and keywords, you also have to adhere to Amazon’s specifications. Amazon algorithms are ever-changing and confusing. Sometimes, when you finally understand one aspect of the business, Amazon comes up with new restrictions, and not following them can render your listings inactive.

Here are some guidelines to watch out for:

  • Backend keywords have a 249-byte limit.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) product titles have a 50-character limit.
  • Key Product Features have a 100-character limit.
  • You cannot use HTML code and URLs in images, titles, and descriptions.
  • Amazon does not allow the use of symbols.
  • The platform limits the use of promotional information like Lowest Price Guaranteed.

Make sure to meet Amazon’s restrictions to ensure active listings and product visibility.

4.  High Shipping Fees

Amazon Prime has over 140 million members, all of them enjoying free two-day, one-day, and same-day shipping. Users love free shipping deals, and charging too much will hurt our ratings and visibility. Shipping fees can drastically increase the total price for an item bought online and turn off price-conscious consumers.

Some surveys claim that 74% of respondents have abandoned their carts because of high delivery charges. Over half of the shoppers also say free or discounted shipping would improve their e-commerce experience.

5.  Not Enough Positive Reviews

Modern online shoppers do not rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from their family and friends—they trust online reviews. A whopping 90% of your potential consumers scan reviews before making an online purchase.

Reviews are one of the most effective ways to increase conversion, credibility, and visibility. Not having enough ratings— or too many negative ones—means we will be less likely to convert leads into sales, leading customers straight to your competitors.

Amazon A9 algorithms put sales as the top priority in ranking items, but product reviews also play a crucial role in this aspect. The retail giant indicates Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice items, showing star ratings and review summaries.

Additionally, 22% of Amazon shoppers do not look at other pages when deciding on an item they want. And reviews can help these buyers come to a decision.

6. Lack of Marketing Efforts

Marketing efforts can generate leads, increase conversion rates, and improve sales. It is a crucial part of Amazon’s success and is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs new to the platform.

Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tactic with an exceptionally high open rate of 15% to 25%. You can capture email addresses and create powerful email marketing campaigns. However, keep in mind that email marketing is a permission-based strategy. You cannot send emails to potential customers without their consent. They should also have the option to unsubscribe from our list.

Use a Sponsored Products Campaign

Creating Sponsored Product campaigns helps make brands more visible to their target market. You can choose the products you want to advertise and how much you are willing to spend on each ad click. Amazon will then create ads in high-visibility spots like the first page of search results.

Achieve Your Amazon Goals Today

Learning the tricks of the Amazon trade takes a lot of time and experience. As an Amazon Seller, one can easily get overwhelmed with all the technicalities. However, mastering Amazon can help you achieve exponential growth.

Call FunnelMarketr today at 301-852-7750 to learn how to set up a profitable Amazon store.

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